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got a thing for computers?
me too....

why this website?


I've had lots of problems from YouTube for uploading ethical hacking content. I had to remove all those videos from my YouTube channel. This website is now the only place I can upload those removed videos.


I always wanted to make computer courses. I will be making various courses (like programming, ethical hacking, etc) on this website. Some of the courses may not be free of cost, but they will definitely be affordable for everyone.


This website also serves as a platform to exhibit my apps, scripts, and my other creations. You can find all the updates here on the website as I will keep updating the website time to time, and whenever needed.

Tech Raj YouTube Channel

myself, Teja..


I'm an 18 year old Indian boy who is tremendously interested about computers. I've had a passion for making videos on YouTube from my early teenage years. This made me a Tech YouTuber with over 2 lakh subscribers.

I keep posting new content on my YouTube channel every week.

I was also a blogger, and I had a blog which is now completely deleted(due to my carelessness,

I admit), I love making Apps, writing scripts, and pen-testing various systems. I am also really in-to Ethical hacking. Being an Engineering student in India, and a YouTuber, developer, etc at the same time is a very tedious thing, but I am learning to manage.


I just love what I do(except for my formal education, and a few hundred other things in my life).

I love making YouTube videos,

I love getting love from fans,

I love writing about computers,

I love learning about computers,

and I love utilising computers for the betterment of this world. Basically I love almost everything that has anything to do with computers. Computers are the future. If computers are really made right use of, the world would've be a better place right now. My vision is to make better use of computers, and also to teach others how to do it.


Something worth it.

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